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  • Get summer ready this June with this month’s tantalising offers…

    Muladhara (Root) Chakrosanct Treatment

    Beginning with our foot ritual, this rooted treatment works on your survival and grounding energies, tapping into the lymphatic, immune and digestive systems through an invigorating and deep massage. To bring stillness, security and purpose.

    £60 for 75 mins (Saving £10)

    (Purchase a 100ml bottle of our Root Chakrosanct Oil and receive 10% off)

    *All offers available as Gift Vouchers* Offers must be paid for by 30/6/15 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • The Summer Rocks Package

    Perfect as a pre–holiday treatment to leave you glowing, inside and out. To begin, we will treat your back to a detoxifying exfoliation and soothing hot towels, followed by a deeply relaxing hot stone back massage. Finishing with a rejuvenating hot stone face massage using our carefully blended facial oil, this treatment will leave you ready to take on the world (or wherever you’re going on your hols!).

    £65 for 60 mins (Saving £31!)

    *All offers available as Gift Vouchers* Offers must be paid for by 30/6/15 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • Pinks Boutique Signature Himalayan Pedicure


    To begin this very special pedicure, your feet are soothed with a luxurious Himalayan mineral crystal soak. Whilst your feet are taking a well–earned break, pressure point stimulation and invigorating massage techniques are applied to the shoulders, face and scalp to melt away tension and improve circulation. You are then transferred to the couch and grounded with a crystal journey trail before the nail and cuticle work is carried out. A reflex influenced foot massage follows and feet are then smothered in our super-hydrating balm. As always, your treatment is rounded off with a Pukka herbal tea and the option to chill out some more in one of our relaxation ‘pods’.

    £50 for 75 mins (Saving £10)

    *All offers available as Gift Vouchers* Offers must be paid for by 30/6/15 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • Testimonial of the month


    "Each massage I have tried is a new, relaxing, wonderful experience. I look forward to many more here! Thank you!"

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Welcome to Uniquely Organic

Uniquely Organic EcoSpa aims to offer clients individually-tailored treatments that address the body holistically in order to create improved health and well-being. It is very important to us that organic products are used, not only to offer the kindest, purest treatment, but also to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

All our treatments are chosen for their holistic qualities and are carried out by our highly-skilled therapists who are passionate in their commitment to chemical-free treatments. .

Environmental toxins are challenge enough to keep at bay without actively massaging them into our faces and bodies. Yet this is what individuals do to themselves every day. Here at the EcoSpa, we use only certified-organic products in our treatments and stock a wide range of organic and natural products in our shop. As we always recommend our clients to use organic products which minimise their daily intake of harmful chemicals, we have carefully selected ranges that offer a genuine organic alternative to mainstream brands. Why not stop by and sample a treatment, try some of our delicious face and body products or browse through our online shop at your leisure?

With you, our customers, being THE most important part of our business, we hope you will enjoy your experience at Uniquely Organic and that it will lead to a life of natural health, happiness and well-being.

The home of Chakrosanct:

Chakrosanct Behold a new concept in health and wellbeing ...

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Follow the Chakra Healing Trail at our EcoSpa

The floor space at Uniquely Organic EcoSpa is themed on the seven chakras or energy centres of the body from ancient Eastern medicine and the discipline of yoga.

Each chakra, which means 'wheel 'or 'circle' in the Sanskritlanguage, represents a specific area of the body and has its own colour and symbol.

For full health and wellbeing, each of the seven chakras, located on a line from the base of the spine to the top of the head, should be balanced and working in harmony with one another.

Through following the chakra trail at Uniquely Organic EcoSpa, we hope to inspire you to move forward on your own journey towards health, happiness and relaxation and help you develop each area of your body with our holistic therapies.

Trail of the seven chakras

Uniquely Organic EcoSpa - Chakra Trail Brighton and Hove

Ruby reception room:

Beginning in our organic shop, use the grounding force of the root chakra to centre yourself and allow the stresses of the day to disperse into the earth.

Sunshine walkway:

The solar plexus chakra promotes confidence and self-worth preparing your mind and body for the relaxation it will encounter in our dedicated spa.

Flame bathroom:

Our custom-built bathroom allows you to reconnect with the earth through the sacral chakra and encourages the body to cleanse and detoxify itself before or after treatments.

Emerald passage:

Downstairs, the green heart chakra connects the lower chakras to the higher, creating a space for healing, personal growth and compassion.

Spa treatment rooms:

Turquoise , Indigo and Violet, relate to the throat, brow and crown chakras respectively. Each is designed to suit specific treatments and their desired healing effects.

Upon leaving our tranquil spa, you make your way back through the seven chakras completing your journey back to the root chakra, connecting you to the world outside and offering you a new holistic perspective on life.


Uniquely Organic - Massage and beauty salon Brighton and Hove